Grace in Action (GIA) works with new and exisiting Lutheran ministries. A GIA project is a ministry item which receives support in the form of time, talents, and/or other resources. GIA's role is to help facilitate and accelerate these specific outreach oriented projects. The following is a list of our current projects...

CrossTrain Ministries Coaching Network


GIA is helping to support and initiate this ministry program which will work with a variety of different leaders. GIA's role is to encourage and provide some resources in order to facilitate the launch and development of this effort. To learn more about this program utilize this link: CrossTrain Ministries Coaching Network

Crossroads Consulting Ministry


GIA's role with Crossroads Consulting Ministry is one of helping to provide support with time and talents to facilitate and accelerate the development of this ministry endeavor. To learn more about this ministry program utilize the following link: Crossroads Consulting Ministry