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Time of Grace Ambassadors




The mission of Time of Grace Ministry is to share the good news of Jesus the Christ with as many people as possible through the most innovative means possible. Flowing from that mission, Time of Grace Ambassadors exists to enlist and empower the friends and partners of Time of Grace to join Jesus on his mission within their local community.


The success of Ambassadors depends on each Ambassador being compelled by the love of Christ to live Christ’s love towards each other and our neighbors, striving to do what our God commands. Success will be realized when every Ambassador moves to action to reach members of their community using the straight talk of Time of Grace to offer their neighbors the real hope of Jesus Christ. This will produce spiritual renewal one person at a time. Success of Ambassadors means a new way of reaching people in our communities, country, and ultimately our world (2 Co 5:14-17 and Matt. 22:37-39).




Time of Grace Ambassadors will seek to:


1. Proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible within their local community through the most innovative means possible.


2. Increase the number of friends and partners of Time of Grace who actively join Jesus on his mission within their local community.


3. Multiply the number of non-Christians who hear the good news of Jesus Christ through the outreach efforts of




Time of Grace Ambassadors.


1. People loving

2. People growing

3. People serving

4. People going


Opportunities to Serve


a)    1. Personally promote the Time of Grace program, website, and print resources within the community and local congregations


b2. 2. Partner personally with a local congregation to expand their outreach efforts or to assist in planting new churches and ministries


c)   3. Organize educational opportunities for the community on topics of interest to people (parenting, money matters, health, personal relationships, etc.)


d)  4. Distribute, with permission, Time of Grace magazines, Grace Moments, and booklets to medical facilities and other businesses with patient/customer waiting rooms


e)  5. Host an “Information Event” for people who want to learn about and become more involved in Time of Grace Ministry


f)   6. Start a Bible study in your home, utilizing Time of Grace resources, for people in your neighborhood who don’t know Jesus


g)  7. Adopt or participate in a community service project to assist people who are facing challenges in their lives


h)  8. Offer the Time of Grace program to local nursing homes, assisted care facilities, homeless shelters, and other places at which you can share the message of Jesus on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis


i)   9. Host a focused training event to equip people in their lives of Christian service


j)    10. Join the Time of Grace Prayer Team to pray for those living around the world who make prayer requests to Time of Grace and establish a prayer team to pray for the advancement of the gospel and local community needs


k)  11. Establish a support group for deployed military personnel, college students, or others living away from home


l)   12. Etc…




The way people connect has changed. Communities and the people within them are becoming increasingly unique and amazingly diverse. We need to adapt how we interact with those around us to show that we value them and care. Then, when we speak the life-giving Word of God, our neighbors will feel understood and be more willing to listen. We want to become all things to all people (1 Co 9:22) and be prepared to speak in gentleness and respect about the hope we have (1 Pe 3:15). Time of Grace Ambassadors will share the good news of Jesus in every way possible with as many as possible in order for the most to be saved!

GIA Time of Grace Ambassador Ministry Executive Summary