Grace In Action

Helping to Reach the Next Disciple

Lutheran Evangelical Christian Church (LECC) in Japan

Brad Wordell, Field Coordinator, Missionary:


My wife Andrea and I have been in Japan for about 11 years.  We have 5 children ages 9 through 16.  We love our Japanese brothers and sisters.  They are trophies of grace.  As their pastor, I am working to lead them closer to Jesus, to lead them in praise and worship of God, to lead them into God's Word so they can grow in grace and knowledge, to lead them to a joyful life of service in our Savior's kingdom.  The Lord has been good to us.  We are thankful for all the prayers and support that we have received from so many.

Amazing blessings at this time:


1.   Former Missionary Habben and his wife served in Japan from August 10 until November 4, 2010.  They were a great blessing to our field.  The LECC hopes that this program can be continued.


2.   At Christmas we had many worship services and outreach activities.  We had many visitors.  The seeds of the gospel were planted.


3.   On December 26 we had a memorial service for a member who died suddenly in a scuba diving accident in Canada.  About 140 people attended that service and heard about Yoshio san's Good Shepherd.  God's name was proclaimed.  May His kingdom come!


4.   The core members of our LECC love the Lord and His Word.  They are eager to be faithful witnesses.  The members in Tokyo are praying and planning for a new worship facility.  Their building fund, begun a few years back, receives weekly contributions.


5.   The members of the LECC are thankful for the resources that are allowing one resident missionary to remain in Japan until the summer of 2012.


6.   The older members of the LECC are working hard to encourage and train the younger members for works of service in the church.


7.   Our Tokyo congregation has 5 young people attending WELS schools in WI and MN.


Evident challenges facing the field at present time:


1.   Our colloquy student did not work out.  It became apparent to us quite soon that Mr. Inagaki was not physically and emotionally healthy.  He has a love for God's Word and wants to serve as a pastor, but the LECC decided that it would not work and ended the colloquy program.


2.   Some of our faithful members are struggling with some health problems.  We pray for strength and healing.  Our Tokyo choir member who has cancer has been blessed with great results from the chemotherapy.  Please continue to keep Mr. Abe in your prayers.


3.   There are so many obstacles to handing the Word of God to the next generation.  We pray that the Lord's will be done.


4.   There are so many obstacles to telling new people about Jesus.  We pray for the ministry of the Word.


5.   A struggling economy presents challenges to our members and the whole LECC, but at the same time God provides opportunities during difficult times.