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Ministry Sources


Ministry sources are ministries we would like to share with everyone. Every Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) ministry has great value in the kingdom. Therefore, as a Lutheran organization, we have a direct link to the overall WELS website. If you would like to be individually listed here, please call Dr. Scott Gostchock, and he will help you in this process. To learn more about each of these ministries, please read the brief descriptions here and visit their websites.

Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod


WELS is a group of nearly 400,000 men, women, and children in nearly 1,300 congregations across the United States and Canada united by a common faith in Christ's saving love. We are committed to a common calling - encouraging each other in our faith and sharing God's gift of a Savior with the rest of the world.

Wisconsin Lutheran College


Wisconsin Lutheran College, affiliated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, is a Lutheran liberal arts college for Christian men and women. The college is committed to providing quality teaching, scholarship, and service that are rooted in Holy Scripture; promoting the spiritual growth of students, faculty, and staff; and preparing students for lives of Christian leadership.

Time of Grace


Time of Grace is an outreach media ministry that was founded in 2001 by a small group of committed, focused Christians. The sole mission of this non-profit organization has always been to share the good news of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible through the most advanced technology available.

Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church; Milford, Iowa

Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church is a WELS mission congregation located in Milford, IA. Milford is located in the Iowa Lakes Area of northwest Iowa.


Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church is a daughter congregation of the WELS congregation in Fairmont, MN. And in a sense, she is really a daughter of WELS congregations throughout southern Minnesota who have helped support her along the way and helped to get her going.


Pastor David Bendix has served Shepherd of the Lakes for over 5 years while living in Fairmont, MN and serving the WELS congregation there. The distance between the two congregations is over 60 miles.


This past spring (2010) the congregation in Milford was blessed to receive a "Tent Minister," Pastor Timothy J. Wahl from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. Pastor Wahl is considered a Tent Minister because in addition to his pastoral duties, he also works 30+ hours a week.


The hope is that one day Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church will be able to support a full time pastor. To that end, both Pastor Bendix and Pastor Wahl stay extremely busy reaching out to the unchurched in the area.


If you would like to know more about our ministry in northwest Iowa, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

Pilgrim School


Mission: Educate the child in spiritual and secular matters, cooperatively with the family, in order to equip the child to be a productive citizen of God's earthly and  heavenly kingdoms.


Pilgrim School is a family environment in which the Great Commission is embraced fully through reaching and teaching an amazinggly diverse, urban student body. The ethnic makeup of Pilgrim School is 50% African American, 5% Native American, 5% Hispanic, 5% Hmong, 5% African Immigrant, and 30% Northern European. Pilgrim School is a Title 1 School with 70% of its population at poverty level or below. 

CrossWalk Ministries


CrossWalk Church is a rapidly growing church in the Laveen and South Mountain Village areas of suburban Phoenix, AZ.  Starting with a single service and about 35 people in the fall of 2004, CrossWalk has grown to two services with nearly 500 people worshipping each Sunday. The core of CrossWalk's vision is to be a "church for unchurched people." That means that we're all about meeting people where they're at. This attitude toward church actually goes all the way back to the earliest days of Christianity. Paul, the apostle, talks about it numerous times, for instance, in his first letter to the Corinthians (9:19-23, 10:31-33, and 14:24-25). It's for this reason that on Sunday mornings we provide worship in "a casual atmosphere."

Hispanic Ministries


Risen Savior Lutheran Church and School, located in an impoverished area in northwest Milwaukee, recognizes that its Hispanic Ministry is unique in a number of ways. First, we are the only Christian organization serving the Hispanic population in northwest Milwaukee with a full-time Hispanic pastor (Seth Haakenson) and the only church in all of north Milwaukee offering services in Spanish. We understand that other congregations in different areas of our country serve their Hispanic neighbors well and also may offer services in Spanish. However, in many of those areas there may be a number of Christian churches at which Latinos could worship. Such is not the case in our area. We are the only option Hispanics in northwest Milwaukee have to learn of God's grace.


Second, the population that we serve is first-generation immigrants, many of whom intend to return to their homeland. Their return results in an opportunity for them to become missionaries and spread His word beyond the borders of our city. Pastor Haakenson has received numerous calls from people in Mexico, Peru, and Puerto Rico who were referred to him by those who once were members of his flock in Milwaukee.


In addition, many of these immigrants lack basic reading and writing skills. Understandably, they labor in low-paying positions. Should they be able to save any money, it often is sent to their immediate family members back home. The people to whom we minister simply do not have the means to address the budget for the ministry that means so much to them.


Finally, our congregation not only is committed to its Hispanic ministry, but also to a raft of other outreach programs. Our members (many of whom are elderly and on fixed incomes) support a Christian elementary school, an African-American population whose spiritual and physical needs are as great as their Hispanic neighbors, after-school programs for children, pregnancy information classes, a food pantry, summer school sessions, a free health clinic, and a host of other activities through which we are able to spread His word. All of this spiritual and physical assistance is desperately needed in this neglected neighborhood.


In spite of these challenges, our five-year-old Hispanic Ministry has been blessed beyond that which anyone could have initially imagined. Our Spanish worship attendance has risen from an average of ten per service five years ago to a high of 135 last May. More than 400 souls were nourished this past year in private bible study - many who previously had been led to believe that they must pray to saints and that their salvation was based upon their good works. The Lord has watched over us and encourages us to continue our efforts on His behalf. Cutting back on our Hispanic Ministry efforts simply is not an option - no matter how great the financial challenges.


We invite you to contact us for more information, visit us, and walk with us as we fulfill His great commission: "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations."

Clarence Jenkins

Development Director

Risen Savior Lutheran


Clarence Jenkins graduated from Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota in 1971 with a BA in education.


He has taught in a Lutheran grade school, two Lutheran high schools, and a Lutheran college. He’s earned an MA in Education at the University of St. Thomas, an MA in English at Central Michigan University, and a Ph.D. in English at the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee.


For the last thirteen years, Clarence has worked in the area of financial development--as a vice-president at Wisconsin Lutheran College, an associate vice-president at the Milwaukee Metropolitan YMCA, and for the last three years as development director at Risen Savior Lutheran Church and School. He currently lives in Wauwatosa where he served as alderman for nine years.


Clarence and his wife Ruth, also a Lutheran teacher, have been blessed with four children and five grandchildren.



Pathways to College for Families


Pathways  to College for Families is a ministry program designed to aid students and families coming from the greater Twin Cities, primarily from low-income families, and primarily minority families with college prospects and preparation in order for them all to succeed in college. This program reaches out with the message of Jesus for all.  Pathways to College for Families will be broken out into three main components; our pre-college component designed to work with students from preschool through 12th grade, our parent component designed to mentor, support and help navigate through the process of getting their child prepared for and succeeding in college and our college component which is designed to foster the success of our students throughout their college career to completion.

Divine Savior Academy

Doral, FL


Opening in 2004 with 32 students, we are now entering our 7th year with an enrollment of 380 students coming from over 30 countries in Central and South America, the Caribbean, the Pacific Rim and Europe.  We currently teach children from K3 through the 10th grade.  God willing, we will add the 11th and 12th grade over the next two years.  

In many ways, Divine Savior is like all other schools in our synod.  We teach the same, saving truths of Jesus Christ to all our students.   Almost all  our core teachers come from Martin Luther College and those that don't are synod certified.  Alll our instruction (except for Spanish, French, and Mandarin classes) are done in English.

But, in other ways, Divine Savior Academy is unique.  Our majority population comes from the community (not the congregation).  This means that many of our students are learning the saving truths of Jesus for the first time.  We are truly a mission school.  We are also a tuition driven, self funding school.  We receive no support from the congregation. 

We are a school with a mission.  The first mission of our school was and is to teach our students the Word of God.  This has happened from the beginning.  A second mission was to reach the parents through the children.  This also is happening.  Although our congregation is relatively young (first service was in 2001) we have been blessed with a congregation of almost 350 souls served by services in English and Spanish. 

We have been blessed.  We are located in a part of Miami where the population (85% Hispanic) wants high quality education in a safe and moral environment.  Because of the dedication and preparation of our teachers, we have a thriving school which is highly regarded in our community and out of that school has come a thriving congregation. 

A Reason For Hope (RFH)


RFH is a radio/internet ministry project that was started in March 2005 and is run under the umbrella of Don Patterson's home congregation in Austin, Texas (Holy Word Lutheran - WELS).

Currently everyone who works on the RFH project are volunteers. RFH produces weekly 25-minute radio broadcasts on KLGO in Austin (Sundays 12:30 and 7:30 PM) and on KKMS in the Twin Cities (Sundays 7 AM).

WELS Kingdom Workers

Mission Statement:

WELS Kingdom Workers exists for the purpose of assisting the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) mission divisions in their task of making disciples according to the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To accomplish this purpose, WELS Kingdom Workers will endeavor, under God

  • to inform WELS members of the needs and opportunities that exist in home and world mission fields;
  • to encourage WELS members to become personally involved in mission work;
  • to facilitate and coordinate volunteer efforts in mission fields;
  • to provide financial support for authorized, but yet unfunded, mission programs.

Lutheran Bible Translators

The Plugers: The Nsenga Bible Translation Project


Please see the attached documents for more detailed information concerning this amazing ministry and the translation work to be undertaken through the grace of God by the Pluger family. May God bless this ministry effort.

Lighthouse Youth Center (LYC), located at 5641 N.68th Street, in Milwaukee is a WELS urban outreach mission committed to being "A beacon for Christ to the youth of the community." This non-profit youth center has been created to provide after school programming. Our goal is to equip youth and their families with skills necessary to become self-controlled, responsible members of society. 

Lighthouse Youth Center provides a safe recreational environment where the youth of the community are able to interact with positive Christian role models. We provide tutoring and access to computer workstations. Through collaborative partnerships with nearby schools, we are able to focus on the scholastic needs of individual children and assist them in the most effective way. Community service project opportunities encourage a sense of neighborhood pride. Most importantly, the truths of Scripture are taught, and the love of Christ permeates everything we do.

Lighthouse Youth Center provides life changing ministry opportunities for volunteers. The volunteer experience includes: tutoring, mentoring, games, Christian advice giving, coordinating activities and service projects, and letting your "Light" shine.

Lighthouse Youth Center's after school program operates on Monday through Friday afternoons. Lighthouse is staffed with volunteers from all ages; from congregations and schools all over. LYC provides an excellent opportunity to meet and work with fellow Christians who want to share the life changing name of  Jesus! 

To learn more about this new urban youth outreach ministry, volunteer opportunities, to offer charitable support, school mission offerings, mission festivals, or request a presentation, please contact Pastor James G. Buske.

James G. Buske

Immanuel Academy Korea (IAK) is a school located Yongin, South Korea, just outside the city of Seoul. The school was formed as an extension of Immanuel Lutheran Church and School in Salem, Oregon. IAK opened its doors as a mission opportunity in 2010, after the growth of the Korean program of Immanuel in Salem.

IAK uses education as an outreach tool to the people of South Korea. Presently, the academy offers classes for students in grades 1-8, along with adult bible classes, English classes, and weekend youth activity groups. The academy also hosts an annual summer camp and VBS run by WELS teachers and volunteers.


In addition to these programs in Korea, IAK serves as an avenue for students to come to America to study in WELS elementary and high schools. In its brief history, close to 40 students have been directed to WELS schools in America, and over 20 have been baptized.


If you would like to learn more about IAK, make donations, or
would like to get involved in our ministry, please contact


Mr. Jeff Dolan.